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Relationship Between vastu and Buying of Property


Vastu and property have an intimate connection. Vastu means dwelling. Vastu originated in India more than five thousand years ago and it is part of the Sthapatya Veda forming part of Atharva Veda. It is the art and science of architecture and construction. In essence, vastu believes that man is part of the Earth that is, in turn, part of the cosmic universe. The universe is made up of five elements and man himself is made up of five elements. Harmonizing man with his immediate surroundings, his house or the building and the building with the plot and the plot with directions in the Earth are the underpinnings of Vastu. The objective is for buildings and homes to provide harmonious spaces where man can blend with surroundings and with nature and thus enjoy peace, happiness and prosperity.

Basics of vastu

Ideally, if you are buying property vastu should be the basis of selection of the plot. Vastu for plot defines its direction, soil and the slope. Flow of water and air and direction of sunlight are important considerations here as in the design of the building and each room within the building, with strict rules defined for each as regards placement, direction of doors and windows and internal arrangements. Vastu experts grade plots according to how well they conform to vastu norms for property. An ideal plot, for example, will be placed to allow the house to have its main entrance facing east, underground water tank in the North-east, kitchen in the South East, bedroom in the South-west and living room in the North West. The central portion of the house is ideally kept vacant and preferably open to the sky and the North East side should also be kept open to the elements and free of obstructions.

Vastu for interiors and exteriors

Vastu also defines the placement of windows and doors in each room as well as objects within the room in order to achieve peace and harmony for the occupants. The purpose is to allow free flow of air, plenty of sunlight, open spaces and a healthy environment.

Vastu also has norms about trees in the property, the type of trees to be planted and their locations. However, exact conformity to vastu principles in property is not always possible unless you are lucky enough to be able to buy a plot of your choice.

Vastu tips for property purchase

You may be one of the millions who have no choice but to buy an apartment in a residential complex. In this case you can check to see if the apartment of your choice conforms to at least some of the basic principles of vastu for buying property.  First check the entire complex to see its location and orientation. Then check buildings for their proximity to each other, blockage of light and air and the view. Then you select an apartment preferably with East facing main entrance. Happily, in recent times, builders are recognizing the age-old wisdom of vastu and are developing vastu compliant buildings. You would benefit greatly by selecting houses in such schemes.