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Numerology and Real Estate Here’s What You Need to Know


Numbers play a role in everyone’s life. Numerologists assign properties to numerals 1 to 9 with 11 and 22 considered Master numbers. Birth date numerals are added together to arrive at a number between 1 and 9 called life path number. Alphabetic characters in a person’s name also have a value and when totalled to arrive at a single digit. These digits, according to numerologists, govern virtually all aspects of an individual’s life including love, marriage, career, finance, direction, health and property. You may or may not choose to believe in being guided by numerology in all such matters concerning your life. However, if you do, there is greater harmony and success as well as happiness is the result.
Buying property requires careful consideration because it is not something you do every day and you will probably living in your house for years, if not for a lifetime. Align numerology and real estate with your life path number or lucky number and you will have peace and calm as well as experience prosperity. Superstition or not, numbers do influence property. For instance, many apartments and hotels do not have a 13th floor, the number being considered unlucky. Similarly, Chinese do not consider the numbers 4 and 8 as auspicious and floor numbers or house numbers will not carry this digit.  When it comes to numerology for real estate, many numerologists assign meanings to numbers of houses, streets and floors. For instance, houses with number 1 are for drive and independence. Number 2 house may be comfortable, peaceful and attractive. Number 3 house indicates expansion, creativity and lots of visitors. Your birth date is also taken into consideration in deciding which city is suited for your progress.


However, this is a simplistic consideration. If you really believe in numerology then you will first of all add up the numerals of your date of birth to arrive at a single digit. You also add up the numerals assigned to alphabets in your name to arrive at the destiny number. The destiny number indicates potential and your life’s purpose. These numbers are then correlated with the property location, direction, number on the street, PIN Code and other factors to decide if it is suitable for harmony and peace in your life or to help you achieve your destiny with speed and with the least hurdles. Matching all these numbers could possibly result in your being the owner of a house that harmonizes and helps you live a better peaceful, purpose-filled and achievement-filled life. Just buying a house because it is cheap or because it is in a posh locality or close to where you work are not the only considerations. Such houses, if they are in discord with your destiny or life path numbers, could actually cause loss and suffering. Consider everything in real estate and, before the final step, match numerology and real estate to know if it will suit you. You could end up with a house that proves lucky for you.