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How Creastate helping the real estate market to flourish in Patna


The real estate industry in Patna is now one of the brightest sectors for investors due to its dynamic rate of growth. The real estate industry is assuming a critical role in the formation of the economy of Bihar. Several major developments and economic elevation is happening in the real estate sector of Patna and a large number of new apartments have sprung up. The state government has taken commendable initiatives to facilitate easy investment plans in the economic and industrial fields. The Indian Government has also taken a helpful stand encouraging FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) which encourages more and more countries to invest on Indian property. The real estate sector in Patna is flourishing and the contribution of dynamic real estate companies like Creastate is immense.

Aspirational Real Estate Projects

Projects like Creastate Vivek Vihar is mahmadpur and Creastate Sabdalpuram in Korji Mahmadpur are two of the shining examples of successful real estate ventures that were sold out within weeks of their launch. These projects gave citizens of Bihar the scope of aspirational living within a considerate budget and their promise of a dream home was fulfilled. Such was the success of these projects that 3 signature projects were soon launched by Patna’s leading real estate company Creastate. Creastate City Phase ii in Mouza Gopalpur, Al Madina City in Gopalpur Janipur Road and Creastate Naharpura Phase iii in Naharpura along with the already popular Al Madina City in Mouza Gopalpur are going to change the landscape of Patna with their internationally benhmarked facilities, superior aesthetic style and wonderful benefits. The interest of NRB (non-resident Bihari’s) who were formerly reluctant to invest their wealth in real estate in Bihar have now warmed up to the idea of purchasing homes here. Naturally this has bought about an influx of wealth which has further propagated the growth of the real estate industry.

Future trajectory

While Creastate has pledged to take Patna’s real estate industry to new heights, the future will be made even brighter by the development and expansion of IT sector in Patna. Robust expansion of the IT sectors, corporate firms and MNC’s will provide ample opportunities for employment and this obviously will lead to further expansion of real estate and interest in property ventures.

The growing fascination for apartments and living spaces that are luxurious, aesthetic and aspirational signifies that the consumers spending power and living standards have increased dramatically. The Bihar Economy is now acknowledged to be one of the fastest growing economies in India and this spells great for the real estate sector in Patna.