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A Beautiful Life in a City Within a City

A Beautiful Life in a City Within a City

If you are looking to buy a home in Patna, one of the ancient cities of India, you have plenty of choices. The trend these days is to find the best living spaces at the best prices. The only way you can get the most value is to buy a home in a planned city within a city instead of buying into an apartment block inside the city.

What is a city within a city in Patna? It is a planned large scale residential project spread over acres of lush green spaces, landscaped to perfection and with all basic infrastructure such as streets, lights and fencing for security. The planned city project in Patna provides clustered communities, which means clusters of small apartment blocks separated by green areas to provide privacy. You become part of a community that is a part of the larger community.  This type of residential project in Patna is usually the ultra luxurious type, offering clubs, swimming pools and other facilities that only serve to increase price. However, you can also find an affordable residential project in Patna where you have a planned city like layout but with none of the frills. You get the best of both worlds: privacy in modern housing and plenty of green spaces around.

One limitation of buying into residential housing in Patna is that you have very little choice in the design of your home. However, you can also get into a residential project with developed plots of 1250 to 1800 square feet. This gives you freedom to design a construct your house just the way you want without worrying about amenities and facilities.

Talk of developed plots in Patna and your mind will jump to the idea that such planned cities are located at quite some distance from Patna. This is not so when you book into a residential project in the Gopalpur area near Janipur road, Phulwari Shariff along SH-78.  You get transport services to Sachivalaya and other places since the location is like a suburb of Patna. You do not need a car to commute. You can just as well choose Naharpura as the location and enjoy the finest in living spaces at the best price in a superior residential development project in Patna by the best construction company in Patna.

Before you book any such project just take a look at the past record of the construction company in Patna. Builders known for excellence, timely completion of project and fair pricing are the ones you should select. Whether you are considering buying so as to build your home and live in the lap of nature, or you are simply investing for returns, the past record of a builder in Patna is proof of how his ongoing and future projects are worth investing in.

One of the most attractive ongoing residential city projects is Creastate City Phase II and III by Creastate, a trusted builder in Patna. You will fall in love with the site, the layout and the prices.